Gustavo is a Tegucigalpa native and serves as IMPACT’s local translator, helping to facilitate meaningful interaction between the Honduran villagers and IMPACT’s American teams.

Gustavo’s sincere love for his people creates a foundation upon which IMPACT volunteers can build relationships and minister to the villagers. Gustavo serves a variety of roles from day to day: Some days as a mentor, while playing volleyball with local children, and other days as a sympathetic ear, while standing bedside with a grieving family as a loved one passes away. When IMPACT’s U.S. teams return home, Gustavo nurtures the villagers’ spiritual growth and pursues other humanitarian projects on Honduras’ impoverished Mosquito Coast. Gustavo holds a degree in Business from John Brown University in Arkansas and a MBA from Universidad Francisco Marroqui MBA School in Guatemala City, but returned to his native Honduras to love and serve the marginalized people of theses remote villages.