Finding Key Men in Honduras

As IMPACT kicks off another season of water projects in Honduras, we reflect on how God’s purpose for our work has grown and changed over the years.

We knew that there was a very real and physical need for clean water in these villages. We knew that God was going to use this work to bring villagers to experience His love and grace. But what we didn’t realize was how it was all going to come to fruition when our volunteers and their compañeros began to share their lives with each other.

We are now seeing how God’s plan has put us in front of ‘Key Men’ in each village. These guys have a hunger for the Word and a desire to lead their families and strengthen their communities. Doors have opened for us to disciple them and to connect them with each other to create strong bonds of accountability and support. And that work, goes beyond the needs in this world for clean water. It sets them and their communities up for an inheritance far beyond anything we can bring to them but that God has promised to all of His children.